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Security Label

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Security Label.

Packaging security is our priority: the Security Label adds  protection to traditional packaging formulas and confidential mail.
A new way to protect your goods.
Security Label is the customizable safety seal.


  Item 245L - Security Label.

Security Label is the tamper evident label that adds protection to valuable packaging and mail and reveals any tampering attempt with a visible message. 

Security Label may become a unique safety seal because of its highly customizable support. On your Security Label you'll be able to:

- Display your logo
- Communicate customized messages and social channels 
- Print digital images
- Add identification barcodes 
- Insert progressive serial numbers


Security Label guarantees to recipients and senders an extra protection of goods and of the sealed boxes. It represents a product particularly fit for industrial applications, logistics and shippings as it contributes to the protection of valuable goods and confidential content.

While performing efficiently its tamper evident and protective function, the Security Label offers the big plus of a communication surface both versatile and useful in delivering messages, organizing the goods and promoting the brand's image. 



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