Are you a packaging material distributor?
FABO is the flexible and specialised partner in supply of performing and reliable adhesive tapes: from finished products ready for distribution to semi-finished products for professional printers and slitters.

Are You a Packaging Material Distributor?


Why choose FABO

We successfully produce adhesive tapes since 1971. We provide customers with over 45 years of experience and expertise, setting ourselves as ideal partner for supplying high quality performing and, most of all, uniquely customised tapes.

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We have clients in more than 40 countries around the world with a strong distribution network throughout Europe, North Africa, Asia and Australia.

Diventa distributore di Fabo

We create adhesive tapes and solutions for packaging, security, masking, fixing, repairing and printing purposes.

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Technology and control. We are specialized in the production of hot melt and acrylic technology based tapes.

FABO distribution

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Total control on production cycle.

The automated management of the production cycle ensures a total control over the processes. FABO has always been engaged in product customisation according to the market and customer needs, managing the successful development of new products and ad hoc projects.

Distributore Fabo
Distributore Fabo


Logistics center of 2.000 sqm.

Logistics is organized in detail and operates in a tight collaboration with our sales team that manages directly all of our international and national customers. With our collaborators it is simple to plan all delivery times and conditions in order to schedule your activities  in the best way.

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Quality in production processes, products and customer service.

In FABO we produce performing adhesive products since 1971 and innovation is the engine of our development.
Business processes designed and regularly updated with the utmost attention to information and communication, seizing the opportunities made available each time by Information Technology, allow us to achieve a high efficiency and a constant level of service, appropriate to market demands. Customer service is operated with a constant focus on the needs expressed during every stage of the business relationship.

Fabo - Soluzioni adesive


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