For FABO quality means procedure and product quality as well as quality in the service provided to our customers.

At FABO we have been producing high-performance adhesive products since 1971 and innovation is the engine of our development.
Business processes designed and updated on-time with the utmost attention to information technology and communication allow us to reach a high level of efficiency and service. Customer assistance is managed with constant attention to the needs expressed at each stage of the relationship.

Certificazione Iso 9001

Iso 9001 certification

Since 2001, FABO has been in possession of ISO 9001 certification, a necessary tool to guarantee the compliance of internal processes to optimise and improve the service offered to its customers.

Certificazione Afera

AFERA Member

FABO is also a member of AFERA, the European Association of adhesive tape, which represents the voice of the European market for adhesive tape.


The internal Research and Development laboratory is the beating heart of product innovation.

Our Research and Development department presents a specialised staff and advanced machinery for effective control of the materials to be introduced in the production cycle, to verify the various productions and above all to deal with the development of new products that allow customers to find solutions to their needs.

Innovation and competence remain core values of the company, which in over 40 years has developed distinctive skills in the industrial process, in interpreting market demands and translating them into innovative tailor-made solutions.

  • Internal Research and Development Laboratory
  • Prototype development and research of new applications based on market demand and requests
  • Development of projects in partnership with our customers
Ricerca e sviluppo
Ricerca e sviluppo
Ricerca e sviluppo


Fabo is Green!

We take the issue of environmental protection very seriously, for this reason at FABO we follow a careful policy of rational exploitation of resources. All production departments are equipped with low energy consumption systems and automatic safety and control devices for utmost respect of the environment that is achieved by:

ico green

Total recycling of processing waste from the various production phases.

ico green

Waste control and reduction of harmful emissions.

ico green

40% of the company’s energy needs are supplied by cogeneration and photovoltaic plants.

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